The Ghost Walk

"Remove thee, all that dwell between heaven and earth, all you evil ghosts and spirits."

Inscription in the Church Bells of the Old Church in Amsterdam 


Once upon a time Amsterdam was known as a place full of ghosts, witches and demons. After all, during its more than 800 years of history the city has had its fair share of death and disease, pain and suffering and murder and mayhem. So join our ghost walker as he leads you through the real dark history of Amsterdam.


The tours are conducted by an experienced guide who is well versed in the history of his city and its haunted sites.Through the ancient art of storytelling he will take you back in time and make you relive those days when ghosts and demons still roamed the town. 

Perhaps he will tell you the tale of the devout nun Cornelia who returned from the dead to haunt her sisters. Or you will hear about the ghost of Old Cornelius who slowly drove his killer to madness. Or the monk Aloysius who lived a depraved and treacherous life and whose ghost is perhaps still hidden somewhere in the attic of an Amsterdam canal house, searching for his head.


All the stories on the tour are authentic, historical, and original. Scary and educational at the same time but most of all a fun night out!