What exactly is a Ghost Walk?

A Ghost Walk is a guided tour through the old centre of Amsterdam that deals with the city's native ghosts, ghouls, witches and demons. The tour is led by a professional storyteller who will lead you past several places of a haunting interest where he will tell you its story. All his tales are authentic, historical and original. Scary and educational but most of all a fun night out!


Will someone jump out at me during the tour to scare me?

No, that's not how we operate. A good story, properly told is usually more than enough to scare the wits out of most people and make sure that they have an uneasy night afterward. 


Will I be scared on the tour?

That is hard to tell as every person has his own unique reaction to the stories. What is utterly terrifying to one person does not disturb the other in the least. Reactions vary. One participant has had a fun and interesting evening, the other could not sleep properly for three nights in a row and the occasional participant actually saw something.. and will never join another Ghost Walk again. It is very hard to predict. What does help is a lively imagination and a willingness to go along with the stories. On the tour we are neither scientist nor ghost hunter but regard ourselves first and foremost as storytellers who want to give our guests a fun and interesting night out. 


I do not believe in ghosts at all. Will I still enjoy the Ghost Walk?

You are still more than welcome to join. It is not our task to make you into a believer. That little shred of doubt, the little tingle of fear creeping up and down your spine is more than enough to satisfy us. 


Are children allowed on the tour?

Yes, very much so. In our experience children are usually the best listeners and they ask the best questions ("Are you dead yourself?"). Ghost Walks are always a big hit with birthday parties. In general we maintain an age limit of 10 years as some of the stories may not be suitable for young children. And of course they should always be accompanied by an adult.


Do I have to book to go on the tour?

Yes. If you want  to book as a private group contact us by telephone or by Email. As an individual or smaller group you can book and pay through our online booking system. See Book Now.


How big are the groups?

The maximum group size is 15 persons. The minimum number of participants for a private group is 10. 


What if I am not with 10 people? 

Then you can join the Ghost Walk for individuals and smaller groups. For dates and times check Book Now.


How much does the Ghost Walk cost?

The Ghost Walk is €16,50 per person. This includes €1,50 retribution tax for the city of Amsterdam and 21% sales tax.


How do I pay for the tour?

You book and pay in advance through our online booking system. Payments can be done with Ideal, Paypal or by Credit Card. When you book as a private group you will pay in advance by invoice.


Where does the Ghost Walk start and end?

At Rokin 85-89, the street just south of Dam Square, opposite the Amsterdam Dungeon.


How do I find the guide?

He wears dark clothing and carries a walking cane. If you cannot find him you can call at +31 (0)6 416 91 779.


Can I take my dog or another pet on the tour?

No. An exception is made for guide dogs. 


Can I take pictures during the Ghost Walk?

In moderation, yes. Filming or taping the Ghost Walk is not allowed. 


Do you have to do a lot of walking on the Ghost Walk?

No, most people have no trouble with the distance covered during the walk which is usually between 1,5 and 2 miles.


Is the tour suitable for people with disabilities?

Yes. If you are in any way impaired let the guide know beforehand and he will take that into account during the tour.


Does the tour always take place?

Yes, unless there is an insufficient number of participants, when the guide is ill or there are extreme weather conditions. If you want to know whether the Ghost Walk will continue you can always call us on the same day.


What if the weather is really bad?

A little rain is okay, it only adds to the atmosphere. We do you advise to come prepared with warm clothing, sensible footwear and umbrella.  


Is there a break during the Ghost Walk?

No, the tour was designed to be guided without a break for optimal experience of the stories. An exception can be made when you book as a private group.